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Being one of Atlanta's Top Website Design & Branding firms for us it's about building a great website that is easy to use, engages the user, and tells your story. There are thousands of people out there on the web searching for what you have to say, sell or provide. But why you? Why should they care about you, buy from you or engage with your brand? We make sure they know when they visit your site.

Our Website and Branding expertise will help your brand tell a story that your audiences can relate to, trust and you can deliver.

Your Website Design & Branding are Your Most Important Marketing Asset

Does your website design and branding stand out? If not you may be losing customers. Somebody is looking for your products or services right now. It's estimated that over 85% of people go online before engaging a company, product, or service. Will they find you or your competition first? Make sure they do - Build it Right from the Start.

Chances are they are on their Smartphone searching for you right now!

We are seeing an excess of 60% to 80% of first-time visitors visiting our client's sites on mobile devices. If millennials (or younger) are your audience, the statistics might even be higher. Is your site mobile friendly - Even more important: is it mobile effective?

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Let's Talk!

The best way to get the website design and branding you need is to spend a little time helping us learn what we need to know. In a world of online, texting and emails, we still like to talk a bit before we get started. It'll be fun. If you are interested, send us a message, and we will arrange a time to connect. So reach out today!

Well, you found one just now, but I am sure there are others. But the right one for you depends on what you want, need, and who you trust. The key is finding someone who listens to you and understands your brand and customer. Help you set priorities and maximize your budget. Websites have changed from online brochures to user experience engagement tools. Instead of being judged on how pretty it is, how well it helps the user accomplish their goal and drive engagement for your brand.

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Website Design: How long you have to get user engagement is debated - could be 5 Seconds, 7 Seconds, and some say 15 Seconds....

But they all agree it's SECONDS!

A $500 website design isn't going to make that happen. Save up a few more months and make sure you do it right. There are plenty of Web Designers out there that will promise the world, deliver nothing for it, and you will be back online saying, "I hired a web designer, paid them to build a site and six months later I don't have a site I can use. Now I have no money and need help? Anyone out there that can help me?"

That is an actual lead/request I received from one of the job boards, and I have seen many just like that. The truth is that a quality website that will be worth the money is a site that cost more to create but returns many times over in results. So a short-sited vision can cost you thousands.


I give my highest recommendation...

"I had a tight deadline for my website design for a large client.  They offered the branding solution I needed and then suggested ways to make it even better than I had imagined.  I appreciate the collaboration and give my highest recommendation to him and his team."

Emily S. - Freelance Reporter & Public Speaker

Absolutely stunning website design

"Michaels's communication skills are superb. His understanding of the art, design, and production necessary to complete the task is excellent. I will continue to use him and his company."

Jay L. - Multi-Unit Restaurant Owner

Michael was fantastic at website design! 

"Michael was fantastic!  He stood out from everyone else right away. He worked with me on budget and took my branding and website design seriously. With his lead, they zeroed in on my style quickly, went above and beyond! I will definitely go back to Michael and his team for all future needs!  I can't recommend him highly enough!"

Gwendolyn C. - Owner, Entrepreneur

His Website and Branding is so incredible...

"We were in a definite crunch with our trade show - the biggest show of the year! Michael was outstanding! He is so incredibly talented and went above and beyond to deliver incredible assets for our show! We are very pleased and hope to work with him again soon!"

Jennifer D. - Environmental Services Group
EWINGWORKS-LOGO-Branding • Website Design • Marketing

Let's Talk!

The best way to get the website design and branding you need is to spend a little time helping us learn what we need to know. In a world of online, texting and emails, we still like to talk a bit before we get started. It'll be fun. If you are interested, send us a message, and we will arrange a time to connect. So reach out today!

Smart Branding is Smart Business! Once they find you, what impression are you making?

Brand and Retail Marketing

Brand marketing saves you money. Retail marketing saves the consumer money. Both matter in today's world. But the biggest mistake people make today is thinking it is all about clicks and not about the value brand brings to your ROI. Protect your brand, be proud of it and build it with every effort.

Brand increases value, drives preference, and builds loyalty. It breaks ties in a competitive environment and it allows you to demand higher margins.

So the brand should be a part of everything you do. And a great brand starts with the right BrandVision.

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Branding • Positioning

A vision for your brand and a map on how to get there. Our BrandVision process is designed to bring your brand to life. Design a persona for your brand that fits with the likes, needs and expectations of your audiences.


Band Positioning

What story does your brand tell and who is it telling it to? The BrandStory offers the brand's motivation, commitment and authenticity it has to offer and in a way that engages the audiences it serves.


Brand Research

Is your brand connecting with the people you need to give your brand power. BrandPower is a measure of the brand's ability to influence purchase decisions and drive preference. 


Video Production

The Youtube Generation is better engaged by dynamic content more than any other online today. They are also more likely to view content and websites on their phone over any other platform, this drives them towards this medium.


Digital Marketing

A logo isn't a brand, but it is how you identify the brand. It is how you associate the qualities and values the brand represents to the company behind the brand. It is the face of the brand.


Web Development

Your website is your single most important marketing tool. Today, it is estimated, that as much as 85% of your audience will visit your website prior to making any contact or brand engagement.


Logo Design

The logo isn't your brand, but it represents it. It's how you associate the values the brand earns with the company it stands for. It's a symbol of pride to you, your people and your customers. Design it with care.


Print Design

Print is not dead, but the role of print has changed. At one time print was the largest marketing effort your company would make. Today, it is more of a support and follow up role. But the quality of the execution is still critical to your long-term success.


Package Design

Think of packaging as being as important as plate presentation in fine dining. It creates mindset that can drive positive feelings, craving and desire for a product.

My Awards & Recognitions

We have won plenty of awards, but for you winning is about our clients winning in the marketplace.