The Art of Branding – #2 What you need to know before branding?

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What you need to know before branding is critical to your branding success. Before you understand how to craft and influence your brand, you need to know how a brand works. Where it comes from. Who owns it. So, your first hardcore experience with branding was probably in middle school, how most of us learned…

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Finding the Best Website Design Firms in Atlanta

The best website design firms in Atlanta for you depends on what you need. So how do you decide what is best for your website design needs? All Firms Think They’re The Best Website Design Firm in Atlanta, But You Have To Decide. Consider these issues before you start searching it will give you ways…

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The Art of Branding – #1 in a Series of Branding Insights

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An Introduction to Branding In this Series: The Art of Branding we learn that we all are branders. We all use the fundamentals of branding in our everyday lives, you just may not realize it.  I was a Navy Brat. We traveled and lived all over, two years here and there. I learned to adapt…

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