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Are you looking for an Atlanta Website Design firm? We are Experts at WordPress Website Design. We're brand savvy, and know how to drive brand engagement. We work primarily in WordPress for reduced development cost, SEO compliance, and its mobile-friendly platform. We are an Atlanta website design company, but we build, rebuild, design, and maintain sites for people all over the country. Our websites are marketing savvy and engaging. We can also provide branding, marketing strategy, design, logos, marketing, and anything else needed.


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We design and develop websites for companies large and small. Our primary platform is WordPress. It is long-established and has a large development community that keeps it up to date and secure. It allows us to spend more time on design, UX and content rather than spending a lot of time on coding.


Your website design and content are what will drive engagement. It is important from Google ranking, SEO and user experience that your site is responsive to all platforms from desktop to mobile. And that it is easy to navigate as well as informative. User engagement drives time-on-site and the willingness of a user to engage. 


SEO is more complicated today than ever before. The factors that go into it are on and off-site issues. From the age of the site, traffic onsite, backlinks from credible sites. So it isn't just the site itself. It is critical to build and develop an SEO friendly site, but just as important to put into the time to build the SEO over time.

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How long you have to get user engagement is debated. Could be 5 Seconds, 7 Seconds, some say 15 Seconds....

But they all agree it's SECONDS!

A $500 website design isn't going to make that happen. Save up a few more months and make sure you do it right. There are plenty of Web Designers out there that will promise the world, deliver nothing for it, and you will be back online saying, "I hired a web designer, paid them to build a site and six months later I don't have a site I can use. Now I have no money and need help? Anyone out there that can help me?"

That is an actual lead/request I received from one of the job boards, and I have seen many just like that. The truth is that a quality website that will be worth the money is a site that cost more to create but returns many times over in results. So a short-sited vision can cost you thousands.


I give my highest recommendation...

"I had a tight deadline for my project for a large client.  They offered the solution I needed and then suggested ways to make it even better than I had imagined.  I appreciate the collaboration and give my highest recommendation to him and his team."

Emily S. - Freelance Reporter & Public Speaker

Absolutely stunning...

"Michaels's communication skills are superb. His understanding of the art, design, and production necessary to complete the task is excellent. I will continue to use him and his company."

Jay L. - Multi-Unit Restaurant Owner

Michael was fantastic! 

"Michael was fantastic!  He stood out from everyone else right away. He worked with me on budget and took my job seriously. With his lead, they zeroed in on my style quickly, went above and beyond!  Michael was fantastic! I will definitely go back to Michael and his team for any/all future needs!  I can't recommend him highly enough!"

Gwendolyn C. - Owner, Entrepreneur

He is so incredibly talented...

"We were in a definite crunch with our trade show - the biggest show of the year! Michael was outstanding! He is so incredibly talented and went above and beyond to deliver incredible assets for our show! We are very pleased and hope to work with him again soon!"

Jennifer D. - Environmental Services Group

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