How much does a logo cost?

how much is a logo

“How much does a logo cost?” The answer varies based on what you need from that logo. Think of a logo as the face of your brand, but it is not branding. This post will focus on the logo design, which ideally would be driven by a branding platform.  So here are some basic guides…

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What makes a good logo design?

A good logo - ewingworks

What do you need to consider when wanting to get a good logo design? Good Logo Design is driven by the competitive environment, what you need from it and how it is going to be used. So you need to ask yourself some questions that will help you make some decisions on what is the…

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How Much Does a Website Cost?


Asking how much is a website is like asking how much is a “House”? Well it depends on what kind of house you want to build. The cost of a website is driven by two things: time & the hard cost required to meet the functionality needs of the client. How complex a site do…

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Do I need a Website?

Top Marketing Branding and Website Designers in Atlanta -

That is one of the most often asked questions I get: “do I need a website?”. The short answer is yes, but a quality website. A poorly built or written website might hurt you more than having no website at all.  So why do you need a website: It’s said that 70-80% of all people…

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