How to Plan a Website

How to Build A Website:

It is important to know the steps for how to build a website whether you are doing it yourself or asking someone else to do it for you.

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Planning your website:

Step 1 : Who will be the visitor for the site?

Describe who your website's users are and why they would want to visit your site. Try to list users and reasons in a priority of top to bottom. 

Step 2 : Create an outline for the website.

Develop a site map outlining the pages for the site and what will go on each page.

Step 3 : Configure the Advanced settings. ie Total Time, Extimated Cost, Supply, Title

Under the Advanced settings for HowTo Schema
- Total Time required to perform all the given instructions.
- Estimated Cost for the consumables/ supplies needed for the instructions.
- Supply needed to be consumed when performing the actions/directions.
- A Tool used but not consumed for the operation.

Step 4 : Enter the Steps for your HowTo schema.

Steps for your HowTo Schema instructions it can be a single step (text, document or video) or an ordered list of steps (itemList) of HowToStep.

Step 5 : Manage the Styling and Typography of the module.

Style your HowTo Schema with various styling options to display your HowTo Schema.