The Art of Branding – #1 in a Series of Branding Insights

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An Introduction to Branding

In this Series: The Art of Branding we learn that we all are branders. We all use the fundamentals of branding in our everyday lives, you just may not realize it. 

I was a Navy Brat. We traveled and lived all over, two years here and there. I learned to adapt and learn about the new people I wanted to engage in. Learn who they were, what they liked, and how they interacted. And sadly, who I had to be to fit in. What my brand needed to be, to be accepted. 

The Art of Branding is a part social science and part style. So first you need to understand who you want to appeal to and then you need to create a brand that appeals to that group. 

I have been formulating this base of understanding for years. Then because of technology how people consume changes dramatically I questioned the theory. So, I would go back and try to rethink it as entertainment, technology, how we navigate our daily lives and relationships have evolved. But then I realize that I was letting tactics interfere with the most basic understanding of human emotion, connection and motivation. Human emotion and the power of it hasn’t really changed, just how we communicate it and react to it. We text instead of talk for example. (I still have trouble with that part, but whether we like it or not this is how behaviors change and we have to adjust how we deliver the message, but that is for another time.) 

So, I realized that as much new technology changes the world around us, it doesn’t change the most basic human motivators inside us. So the fundamentals of The Art of Branding have not changed.

It simply provides us with new ways to exploit, engage, and execute on those human needs and wants. So, while how we shop, communicate, absorb, entertain, and make purchase decisions has changed, who and what we are, as well as what makes us tick really hasn’t.  We’re still engaged, motivated and attracted by the same basic human emotions, wants and needs. 

So once we understand that, we can begin to effectively begin branding.