Art of Branding – #3 Are you Ready to Brand your Company Product or Services?

Nothing kills a bad product or service faster than good marketing. It drives people to try a product or service that is not ready for primetime. Your reputation and brand will quickly go negative and lead to failure. So getting your offering prepared for the market is step one. So ti is important to ask, “Are you ready to brand.”

Not until you have that in place, then we can talk about your brand and telling your story.

So, we begin this branding conversation by assuming that what you have to offer (product or service) is ready for the market. Then we must assume that it is needed or wanted by an audience out there big enough to sustain your business. Not that you have already turned that audience into customers, just that you know the potential is there. 

Are you ready to brand? Okay, now what?

One we identify the audience or market for the product or service. We need to understand that audience or audiences; why it appeals to them, what they like about it, how they use it and develop an understanding of who the core fan of the product is. The Core Fan or Ideal Customer may be an actual person or persons, but more likely, it is a profile that personifies the ideal customer. Using demographic, psychographic attributes and lifestyle behaviors we begin to get a picture of our ideal customer. Understanding your audience is critical to successful branding. 

We see these two concepts brought together today in the use of Brand Influencers. Influencers bring to life the ideal customer through an online personality that has been able to craft and mold their online personality to appeal to a very wide fan base. These pop culture phenomena use fan feedback and positive reinforcement to craft their ideal brand persona and image. So when they promote a product or service, their fan base that aspires to emulate that image index very high to purchase what they recommend. Are you ready to brand? Let’s talk.

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